Hi and welcome to my company Noire GoldPrecious

Noire Gold is a lifestyle concept that exists in the field of fashion and MakeUp. Our Noire Gold MakeUp produkts put us on the map, with a creamy delicious long wearing range of colors for black women with formulas in hi-gloss, cream, pearl and ultimate long wear matte. 200 lipstick shades 80 lipgloss shades containing vitamin E for its soothing and healing properties. We keep it sweet with a touch of Vanillin, a natural extract. We do it in head turning style that´s anything but boring. Colors range from the sheerest naked, to the brightest, bold and beautiful. All slipware items have co-ordinating pencils.

Noire Gold is a line of quality and long lasting products dedicated to the special needs for the modern active black women. Different foundation, Corrective MakeUp, Micronized Powders, Brow shades, Blushers, Brushes, Eye Shadows, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Lipsticks, and Accessories.

So many temptations !

CEO Noire Gold